What Can You Actually Watch On a 4k TV?

4K UHD TVs were definitely the hot gift the past year – and now that you’ve had time to get it ready, it’s time to really get into the UHD viewing experience. But what you can actually watch on your UHD 4K TV? As you know, this latest video standard is just getting popular, so you need to take a look for a while. To save you the trouble, we’ve done all the work for you. 

But in the first place, let’s explain what 4K actually is. You may think – how is it better than plain old good HD TV? What does it mean for 3D technologies and streaming services like Netflix? In the first place, you need to keep in mind that the transition from SD to HD TVs wasn’t quick either. Actually, in many countries, it is still going on. For example, in the UK the number of HD-based channels is still kinda disappointing. That really raises the following question. If we are struggling to launch HD standard to the max, then why we should be interested in the 4K technology at all?


I believe that 4K isn’t just about the resolution. Even though 4K is still kinda an experimental technology, many other important aspects of picture quality like color accuracy, contrast, motion blur and the like are improved. That said, it’s much better than the current HD technology. 

However, there is another slight problem. The lack of content. There’s no much coverage focused on the 4K content. It’s still a bit of an issue. The good news is that the UHD content pipeline has transformed from a small trickle to a real, steady flow. In a few months, it will be a real river. However, the bad news is that some content sources are exclusive to certain TV brands like Samsung or Sony. That’s why some argue that your best bet is to go for a Samsung 4K TV or similar popular brand.


Regardless of when 4K broadcasts will become widely available, consumers can utilize one interesting feature of UHD TVs right now: upscaling. This technology lets you watch HD or Blu-Ray movies on your 4K TV. For example here you can find the Top 10 Best 4k TV’s – Reviews & Ratings. Even though it won’t have the same picture clarity as actual 4K content, you’ll notice an improvement over a regular HD TV. Many people are looking forward visual entertainment with the realism of 4K technology. However, it will take a while before it becomes more than just a niche format for early adopters. As things stand right now, by the next year 4K TV owners will be able to stream 4K content using the Internet.

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